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About Tistange'

Tistange was founded in 2011  by Iby Egbuson The brand which first started as a hobby gradually blossomed into a full fledged business in 2011 when Tistange (formally Tangerine) presented its debut collection at the Nigerian Fashion week 2011.

Tistange is a ready to wear clothing brand that caters to all ages and classes of women and girls. Tistange' is currently based in Calgary, Alberta but caters to women globally. The brand's aesthetics include simplicity, authenticity and elegance. Regardless of Fashion Fads and trends the Tistange' woman owns her own and is confident enough to wear her pieces and stand out.

She is classy and never conforms but can be spotted, standing out with just the right amount of va va voom , without getting in your face.

The brand speaks the language of vibrance and clean cuts. The Tistange woman is comfortable in her own skin and sure of her self enough to be true to her sense of style even when every body doesn't 'get it' .

She is not averse to taking risk and making her own fashion statement(s), Yet she is subtle and laid back. 


Tistange' fuses hip influences acquired from the very vibrant and colourful city of Lagos, from African inspired prints which is a staple of the average African, from Western and European affiliations through the years and bits and pieces of  cultural practices and influences adopted from various towns and cities visited.All of this is what makes Tistange the unique brand it is!

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